* String beds provide more lift primarily because they are lighter and have less surface area and therefore less air resistance. This reduced surface area makes them more vulnerable to wear and damage from sharp objects (i.e. belts, jewelry, shoes, zippers, buckles, etc.). These beds have a very open weave even for a string bed which makes them very “HOT”, but it also makes them more susceptible to wear and damage, so they require maintenance. 


* These beds are painted with oil based paint for maximum wear and weather resistance (can be used out doors).  Use a quality oil based paint (like Rustoleum) for repainting; it's a little more expensive but it's worth it.  Do NOT use LATEX paint on these beds; it will NOT adhere and therefore will provide NO protection for the string.  Unlike other string beds the paint is the wear surface on these beds, not the string, so be sure to maintain the protective paint coating.  Maintained properly, these beds have been known to last more than 2 decade (even outdoors). 


* If a string should get broken/cut, simply pull the broken string back a few inches in both directions beyond the damage and knot it so that the knot will be under a weave intersection.  Take a piece of the repair string (#18 nylon mason line) provided and loop it around one of the knotted ends.  Now weave the string to the other knotted end (a latch hook works well). The string must be tied off under tension.  The easiest way is to tension the string and then clamp it just before the second end (a hemostat works best), loop the knotted end, release the clamp, melt the string ends for better hold, and touch up the paint (a good spray paint will do until the next maintenance painting)


* Do a maintenance painting when you see any sign of wear.  A cheap disposable roller works best. Paint is heavy so try not to paint more than is necessary.  A touch up of the high wear areas is preferable.  This is oil based paint, so allow 12 to 24 hours drying time.  The cross and box are done with spray paint which dries in a few minutes.  Just mask off the lines with 2" masking tape and spray.