String bed information sheet:


* Hang the bed from the center lines first.  Then hang the ends, starting from the center and alternating out to the corners, working both ends evenly and at the same time (with folding trampolines, leave one end folded, hang both ends of bed, then open). Now hang the sides, again starting from the middle working both sides at the same time.  This causes the bed to tension more evenly and eliminates excessive stretching of the springs.


* These string beds are woven under high tension and therefore tend to be very tight at first.  After the bed stretches back out (a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on usage and springs) it can be tuned to the feel you like with jumbo springs or 10" tapered heavy duty springs with spring extenders (1 3/4" "S" hooks work well).  Just add a round of extenders until the desired softness and speed is reached (with quality 10" springs 1 extenders per side and 1-2 per end seems to be optimum).  String beds transfer more load and strain to the springs, so lower quality springs will wear out quickly.  Softer/slower beds provide better lift, better control, and less strain on joints.  The added advantage of extenders is a much longer spring life.  As your springs weaken simply remove an extender to maintain the feel you like.  Stretched out springs can continue to be used by removing extenders to compensate for the amount of the stretch.