Procedures & Guidelines



Bids for National Qualifiers - All clubs interested in hosting a qualifier for USAG T&T Nationals must submit a bid proposal. Forms are available from the Board of Directors and at the Annual General Membership Meeting. If awarded a qualifier, the host team/gym will be responsible for the facility, equipment, and work force, but the sanction, meet organization, and over site are the responsibility of the BOD.

The Board of Directors will vote on the bids and notify all clubs of the Qualifiers no later than 1 December each year.




The following are the Board of Directors recommended guidelines. Clubs may adjust them as they wish, but participation by state clubs may be adversely affected.

I. Judging Fees - Judges should receive the following fees for judging meets as specified by the NJA:

Level III - $12/hr Superior - $2 extra per hour

Level II - $14/hr. Superior - $2 extra per hour

Level I - $16/hr. Superior - $3 extra per hour

FIG - $23/hr. Superior - $2 extra per hour

Judges should also be provided with either a meal ticket/voucher and drinks or a Hospitality Room where food and drinks are available.


II. Meets

A. Recommended Award Structure - The following guidelines have been set up for the type of awards appropriate for the various meets.

Developmental Meets: Ribbons only (all participants).
National Qualifiers: Medals (1-3) and ribbons (4-10).
Invitational Meets: Medals (1-3) and ribbons (4+).

Trophies/Plaques are recommended for team and special awards only.

B. Recommended Maximum Meet Fee Structure:

Developmental Meets: $40 (max) for first event, $5 each additional event
National Qualifiers: $65 (max) for first event, $10 each additional event.
Invitational Meets: $50 (max) for first event, $7 each additional event (where medals are given).

C. Meet Organization Sessions should be kept to around 50 kids, but session participation and numbers are at the discretion of the host club,. The host club should provide at a minimum of one staging person per event to provide control over the athletes in staging.

D. Meet Announcements - Meet announcements should have at least the following information listed:

Point of Contact, Phone number, Address
List of equipment to be used
Location, Date, and Time
Events and Levels to be held
Registration fees and deadline
Type of awards to be given

E. General Warmups - General warm-ups are not required, but may be offered at the discretion of the host club. All athletes will be given an event warm-up touches as prescribed but the national guidelines.

F. Team Competition - Teams should consist of no more than 4 competitors per team per event (trampoline, double-mini, and tumbling). Eligibility and formula for team awards will be determined by the host club.

G. Meet Results - Meet results should be posted/mailed to participating clubs, the Judges Representative, and the State Director no later than 3 days after each meet.