Von Bargen Memorial Awards


This award was created in honor of Janet Von Bargen.She was a long time supporter of our sport as a top-level judge and judge trainer, regional board of directors member, and Virginia state chairman (even though she lived in Maryland).Janet was a strong believer that we needed to do more for the lower level athletes, who are the foundation of any sport.In that spirit, these awards are given to the most outstanding level 5 to 8 athlete on each event (trampoline, tumbling, & DMT) at the state championships.The winners receive a very nice award engraved with their names and their entry fees for that seasonís Regional Championships will be reimbursed in the form of a $100 gift card.The second and third place VB award athletes on each event will get smaller plaques and $75 & $50 gift cards (respectively).


The requirements to be eligible for these awards in an event are:

They must be level 5, 6, 7, or 8 on that event.

They must be an active member of USAG T&T for that season (at least 5 events before the state meet, including at least 1 in the Fall)

They must have qualified for Nationals on that event at the state championships.

They must actually attend the Regional Championships that season.


The awards are based on a formula that balances the levels by equating athletes performing minimum difficulty for their level.If they perform greater than minimum difficulty, that is factored in.†† This puts the emphasis on aesthetic performance and puts all 4 levels on an equal footing.