Trampoline & Tumbling Meet Program and Database

This Program is a complete trampoline and tumbling meet running system. It also is designed for state directors, to track all the athletes in your state for both mobility and qualifying. It uses a perpetual athlete database, so any athlete who has ever participated in your state can be added to a meet with a click of your mouse.

The program's meet features include:
participation tables
staging reports
team rosters
score sheets
judges’ sheets
award sheets
team specific result sheets & team specific result reports
flexible result selection by age, gender, and state
mobility and qualifiers marked on results automatically
setup flexibility for events, levels, judge counts, entry fees, age calculation, and states participating
all around and team results with selectable level ranges (based on average judges deduction per skill to balance for variations in levels and skill counts)
alphabetized index for athlete selection with team specific option
synchro partner matching
meet reloads with a click
complete mobility and qualifier tracking

The ability to set the way age is calculated. Choices are-season age, year end age, and age on meet day
The ability to scan the entire athlete directory (default) or scan by team (very useful for meet registration).

The ability to access athlete data (right mouse click) and athlete events (left mouse double click) from most screens.

A complete flight generating/editing module with report and score sheet printing, and within flight awards capability


Expanded All Around and Team award capabilities

Improved breakdown screens with more age groups

Preprinting of flight awards labels (40/ page; 1”x4”x2 labels)

Flights breakdown screens to ensure accuracy (color codes discrepancies)



Meet financial report
                        More breakdown screen additions including awards counting and flight breakdown with athlete comparison
                        More flexible flight printout module
                        Improved team roster screen with USAG# and DOB, plus sync partner.

                        Now Running!!!!!! Automatic flight creation (saves hours of work)-------WITH – age group auto splitting (gender, event,  & level specific)


Here now:       Session/Rotation module for meet setup

                        Rotation printout specific for each team, so coaches will know where their kids are and when

                        Results ranking projecting w/auto and manual cueing capability

                        Printing of score and judges’ sheets from Sessions module collated by Rotation or by judge

                        Improved Events screen with more options and assigned flight number next to each event

                        Team registration file creation that can be attached to an email to go with registration file import (load an entire team with a click)

                        2 station per event rotation assignment capability

                        Enhanced mobility functions and printouts (tracks mobility level to be attempted)

                        Athlete conflict checking when creating rotations, to let you know if an athlete is scheduled to be on more than one event at the same time. 

                        Athlete history tracking of mobility, eligibility, and qualifying

                        TOF capability/option for trampoline

                        Station athlete score display w/detail

                        Electronic registration – create you team registration file once and use it for every meet which uses this program, saves you time and the meet directors can import your registration with a click.



Coming Soon:  Level and mobility checking during event entries.

                         Networking capability

The complete setup file is rather large, but only needs to be installed once. Once you have done a complete install and are up and running, you only need to download the newer executable files as they become available upgrade.  This is an improved install that will work on any windows platform, finally solving the problem we had with a few incomplete editions of windows on some computers.


Download Complete Install (version 6.73)

After installing, you no longer need to create a folder named "MeetData"; the program does it automatically if it doesn’t exist already. This is where the program will store all of your meet files and where you would put any meet files you receive.


Download Executable Only (version 7.39, networking beta)


Download this file to upgrade to the latest versions. Just download it directly into your application folder and switch your shortcut from the older version.


Download Starter Database

You only need this if you are trying to create a new state database. If your state is already using the program, you should get this database from your state director, so you use the most current official state versions. If you downloaded the complete install, it is included.


Download Region 6 Database (updated 4/21/2015)



If you have already installed an older version of the software and would like to have access to the meet financial module you’ll need to download the financial template and put it in the same folder as the program.  This creates a file that is only accessible by the meet host and does not go out with meet results.


Download Financial Template


Needed to use the meet financial module.  It is already included in versions 5.94 and newer.  This is also needed to use the very powerful sessions/rotations module.  If you are upgrading from an older version and want to use these modules, download this file to the application folder.  The software will simply deactivate these modules if this file is not there.


 Download Registration Template


Needed to use the export registration module.  Just download it into you the same folder you have the program in.  The software will simply deactivate this module if this file is not there.